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The Mushatts No. 9 range of Psoriasis Skin Care products goes back to 1922 in Ireland when a pharmacist in Dublin created this effective range of psoriasis treatments.

Containing a unique blend of natural and active ingredients,Mushatts No. 9 psoriasis products have successfully treated thousands of psoriasis sufferers for almost 90 years.

Today, Mushatts No. 9 psoriasis products are carefully prepared in the U.S in an FDA approved facility using the
original Irish formulation. Below is a sample of the many testimonials from satisfied Mushatts users.

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Your product really made a HUGE difference in my life. I used to spend
hundreds of dollars at the dermatologist (several) without having any of
my psoriasis even being close to being cleared up. Your products worked
miracles. My elbows are clear and no unsightly scaling and redness or
thickness, nice and smooth. I can now wear short sleeve shirts to work
and out in public without thinking someone is afraid to get near me.

I have had psoriasis for 20 years now. Have tried all steroids, creams and
lotions and even tar baths. Nothing has cleared my psoriasis like Mushatts
Skin Ointment and body wash. My body is now 90% clean and I am working
on my scalp now.

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